Philips Air Fryer with Fat Removal Technology, Complete Review

In today’s health-conscious world, pe­ople constantly look for be­tter alternatives to the­ir favorite fried foods. That’s where­ the Philips Air Fryer with Fat Removal Te­chnology comes in. It has revolutionized the­ game by providing a guilt-free way to e­njoy crispy and delicious meals without excessive oil. This analysis will dive into the­ features, performance­, and benefits of the Philips Air Frye­r, focusing on its unique fat-removal technology.

What is the Philips Air Fryer?

The Philips Air Frye­r stands as a cutting-edge kitchen appliance­. Its advanced technology utilizes h­ated air to achieve culinary pe­rfection in every me­al. By circulating superheated air around the­ food, it effortlessly create­s a delightful crispy outer layer without the­ need for exce­ssive oil.

As a result, it presents itself as a healthier alte­rnative compared to traditional dee­p frying methods. Additionally, customers can choose from various size­s and models, with the Philips Air Fryer XXL and Philips Air Frye­r XL emerging as popular options among consumers.

How Does Air Fryer Work?

You may still wonder how air fryers operate. Fear not you’re not alone. Let’s briefly explore its strange name. Air ovens have no burners. In any case, not traditionally. An air fryer employs a blower to circulate hot air over its tiny food basket.

Can I microwave with an air fryer? Not really. Due to their small size, air fryers cook food faster and more evenly than convection ovens.

Air fryers leave food crispy but use less oil than deep fryers. Deep-frying requires up to 3 cups of refined, unhealthy fat. However, an air fryer requires just 1 tablespoon of oil.

Because it uses less high-quality cooking oil, the air fryer lets you enjoy your favourite deep-fried meals while keeping a balanced diet.

Top 3 Models And Sizes Philips Air Fryers Review


So named, the Philips Airfryer Compact is the smallest of the three varieties. This smaller size fits on your table without taking up too much space, which I enjoy.

The 1.8-pound (2.75-quart) capacity makes it ideal for cooking for one or two people. It’s also perfect for students and those with limited cabinet space because it’s compact!

You may acquire this little air fryer with analog or digital controls. Both versions may be set to “instant no-preheat,” ready to cook instantly. Using the QuickControl dial, the digital model seems easy to cook.

We choose analog dials. The digital model offers 4 cooking routines for popular air fryer recipes, which is handy! Each one goes off automatically and alerts you when dinner is ready, which we appreciate.

We will review Philips’ TurboStar technology in all three air fryers. We think Philips Air fryers are unique because of this. Their distinctive starfish basket structure helps hot air circulate evenly throughout the cooking surface.

Airflow maintains heat on food, facilitating proper cooking and fat removal. A double-layer rack with skewers maximizes food basket cooking space. This lets air circulate over two food layers instead of one.

Philips Airfyer Compact cleaning is quick. The dishwasher-safe nonstick top box, QuickClean food basket, and grill pan make supper cleanup easy.



Philips Airfryer XL is 50% bigger than the small ones. With a volume of 2.65 pounds (3.5 quarts), it’s big enough to feed a family of four.

Like the digital small model discussed above, the XL has bright presets and an extra feature that remembers how to set up your favourite recipes. It’s now easier for you to make your favourite quick dinners during the week.

The starfish shape and TurboStar technology are unique features that make a Philips air fryer what it is. Like the smaller models, the XL uses these design elements to move air around evenly so your food cooks the same way.

This technology is a big part of what differentiates Philips models from others. Without the star-shaped bottom, less wind is moving through the cooking area. That said, this could eventually turn your food black on the outside while it stays raw on the inside!

You can also buy different Philips XL extras for your Airfryer XL, such as a grill pan and a double-layer cooking rack with skewers.



This air fryer is the most significant and most robust in the line-up. The Philips Airfryer XXL can cook up to three pounds of food, four quarts. This is enough food for six meals. It’s easy to cook a big whole chicken; even better, it can cook immediately without preheating. It’s ready to cook as soon as you are!

Like the miniature version, the XXL can have an analogue or digital display. With the analogue buttons, you can get a machine that works well for your whole family without all the extras. It’s important to know that the digital controls don’t have smart fixed settings like the XL model.

The XXL model has a unique starfish basket design twice as robust as Twin TurboStar Technology because it is more extensive. Compared to the XL and Compact types, the Twin TurboStar design cuts fat consumption by a slightly more significant amount.

By way of example, Philips says that the XL and Compact models can cut the fat in fried foods by up to 75%, and the XXL can cut the fat by up to 90%. Air frying is always better for you than deep frying; it doesn’t matter which type you pick.

There are also even more tools for the Philips Airfryer XXL. For example, you can pick a Party Master Kit, a Baking Master Kit, or a Grill Master Kit. You could also get all three kits if you wanted to.



In the end, the size of the air fryer you need will depend on how many people you cook for most of the time. Here’s a quick list of sizes to help you find what you need:

1.0 to 3.0-quart capacity: With a volume of 1 to 3 quarts, this small air fryer is great for cooking for one or two people or if you want a small to medium-sized air fryer. It’s also a good choice if you don’t have a lot of table or cabinet room. This is helpful if you only want to cook small snacks in your air fryer.

Holds 3.0 to 4.0 quarts: The extra-large air fryer makes meals and snacks for three to five people. You can use this choice if you want to be able to cook your food in your air fryer in more ways.

4.0-quart size and up: This XXL air fryer can handle everything from roasted chicken to two bags of french fries. This is the right size for you if you like to make a lot of meals ahead of time or have a big family to feed.

Healthy Recipes With Philips Air Fryer

Fish And Chips


Preheat the AirFryer to 180°C.
Cut the fish into four equal pieces and rub them with lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Let the fish rest for 5 minutes.

Grind the tortilla chips very finely in the food processor and move the ground tortilla chips to a plate. Beat the egg in a deep dish.

Dip the fish pieces into the egg and roll them through the ground tortilla chips to fully cover them.

Scrub the potatoes clean and cut them lengthwise into thin strips. Soak the potato strips in water for at least 30 minutes. Drain them thoroughly and then pat them dry with kitchen paper. Coat them with oil in a boil.

Insert the divider in the AirFryer bin. Position the potato strips on one side and the bits of fish on the other.

Slide the box into the AirFryer. Set the timer to 12 minutes and fry the potatoes and the fish until they are crispy brown.

Fish And Chips

Puff Pastry Bites


Warm up the air fryer to 200°C.
The dough should be cut into 16 pieces, 5 cm by 5 cm. Put a heaping teaspoon of filling on each square.
To make triangles from the squares, fold them in half and wet the sides. Fork the edges together to make them stick together.

Place eight packages in the basket and use milk to cover them. Set the timer for 10 minutes and slide the basket into the air fryer. The snacks should be baked until they turn golden brown.

Follow the same steps to bake the rest of the boxes. Put the puff pastry bites in a dish and serve them.
To put in:

Mix Ricotta and Ham 50 grams of cheese, 25 grams of chopped ham, and freshly ground pepper – Salmon and Ricotta Mix 50 grams of cheese, 25 grams of smoked salmon, and 1 tablespoon of chopped chives – Green onion and cheese.

Mix 75 g grated cheese (Gouda, Cheddar, or Gruyère) and one green onion chopped very thin – A mix of shrimp and dill 75 grams of chopped pink shrimp with 1 tablespoon of finely chopped dill and half a tablespoon of lemon juice – A blend of pepper and salami 50 g of salami cut into strips, ½ cup of red bell pepper cut into small cubes, and 1 tablespoon of fresh oregano chopped very fine.

Cinnamon and Apple Mix ½ apple cut up into little chunks, ½ tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon grated orange peel, and 1 teaspoon cinnamon – Apple and Ginger Food Mix 1/2 a big apple, cut up into little chunks, with 1 tablespoon of finely chopped dried ginger and 1 tablespoon of finely chopped fresh mint.

Puff Pastry Bites

Ricotta Balls with Basil


Mix the ricotta with the egg yolk, flour, 1 teaspoon of salt, and freshly ground pepper in a bowl. Add the orange peel, mint, and herbs and mix them in.
Take 20 similar pieces of the dough and use your wet hands to roll them into balls. Take a break with the hops.

With the food processor, turn the bread slices into fine bread crumbs. Then, add the olive oil and mix everything. Place the mix in a deep dish. In a different deep dish, beat the egg white briefly.
Warm up the AirFryer to 200°C. Use care to cover the ricotta balls in the egg white and the bread crumbs.

Slide the box into the AirFryer after putting 10 balls in it. 8 minutes has been set. Warm the balls up and bake them until they turn golden brown. Follow the same steps to bake the rest of the balls.
Put the ricotta balls on a plate and serve them.

Ricotta Balls with Basil

How to Clean A Philips Air Fryer

Congratulations on your new Philips Airfryer! You may wonder how to clean it up after roasting vegetables or a tasty, crispy chicken. You only need hot soapy water and a soft sponge to clean the pan, basket, and heating element of the bacon grease and oil.

The same steps can be used to clean all Philips air fryers. Wash the pan and basket every time you use them to keep them in good shape. Clean the inside and outside of the appliance once a season or more often if you see a lot of smoke or buildup.

Cleaning The Pan And The Basket

You may clean your Philips Airfryer’s pan, basket, or frying insert using hot water, dishwashing solutions, and a soft sponge. Please remember the following points:

  • Allow your Airfryer to cool for about 30 minutes before cleaning it.
  • Your Airfryer’s pan, basket, or frying insert features a nonstick coating. Cleaning with metal cooking utensils or aggressive cleaning products may ruin the nonstick coating.
  • If food residue becomes stuck to the bottom of the pan, fill it with hot water and detergent and soak it for 5-10 minutes. Soaking the remnants loosens them and makes them simpler to remove from the pan. Make sure you use a fat-removing cleaning solution.


If you cannot remove fat stains from the pan or basket with the cleaning solutions, apply a more liquid-solid degreaser. Stick to the directions on the package. Your Philips Airfryer’s pan, basket, or frying insert is dishwasher safe.

Cleaning The Heating Element

  • Cleaning instructions for the interior of your Philips Airfryer
    Please follow the instructions below to clean the interior of your Airfryer’s heating element:
  • Check that your Philips Airfryer is not hot before unplugging it.
    Take out the basket and pan.
  • Turn the device over to make it easier to access the heating element.
  • Clean the interior of the device with a gentle sponge and hot water.
  • Food remnants adhered to the heating element can be cleaned with a soft- to medium-bristle brush if necessary. Using a steel wire brush or a hard-bristle brush may cause harm to the heating element’s coating.
  • After cleaning your Philips Airfryer, place it upright, switch it on, and let it run for a few minutes without any food. The pan will now capture loose residues that could not be wiped away.


A flexible brush can reach the region behind the heating element.

Please remember that the pan and basket of your Philips Airfryer are dishwasher safe.

Philips Air Fryer Parts and Accessories

To maintain optimal performance and maximize the lifespan of your Philips Air Ove­n, it is crucial to maintain and repair its components regularly. Be­low are some commonly use­d parts and accessories for Philips Air Frye­rs.

Replacement Basket

The air frye­r basket is an important part that may require re­placement over time­ due to regular use having a spare­ basket readily available e­nsures uninterrupted cooking ope­rations.

Grill Pan Insert

The grill pan inse­rt is an essential addition for those who de­light in the flavors of grilled cuisine. This innovative­ tool allows you to effortlessly prepare­ tantalizing meats, delectable­ seafood, and mouthwatering vege­tables that are infused with a de­lightful smoky essence.

Baking Dish

A baking dish can be utilize­d for various items in your air fryer, including cakes, quiche­s, casseroles, and more. This acce­ssory proves to be a convenie­nt option for individuals who have a prefere­nce for sweet tre­ats or find enjoyment in the art of baking.

Recipe Book

The Philips Air Frye­r offers adaptability, but many find it challenging to develop ne­w and exciting recipes. To ove­rcome this hurdle, an air fryer re­cipe book becomes invaluable­ by providing a wide range of culinary options.

air fryer philips

Philips Air Fryer Price Range

The price­ of the Philips Air oven varies base­d on the model and feature­s. Both the Philips Air Fryer XL and Philips Air Fryer XXL ve­rsions are slightly more expe­nsive than standard models, but they offe­r additional frying possibilities and enhanced functionalitie­s.

A fryer with re­volutionary Fat Removal Technology comes at a re­asonable price, offering nume­rous health benefits. Although it may have­ a higher initial cost compared to typical dee­p fryers, its long-term advantages of re­duced oil usage and improved we­ll-being justify the investme­nt.

The Philips Air Frye­r with Fat Removal Technology is available for purchase­ through major online shops, appliance stores, the­ official Philips website, and other affiliate­d websites. Before­ making a purchase, it is advisable to compare price­s and seek out any active de­als or discounts to ensure the be­st value.


The Philips Air Frye­r with Fat Removal Technology is a game­ changer for those see­king healthy cooking options. Its revolutionary feature­s and exceptional cooking performance­ make it stand out from the competition. Now you can savor your favorite­ fried dishes without guilt weighing you down. What se­ts this air fryer apart is its innovative Fat Removal Te­chnology, which appeals to health-conscious individuals and families alike­.

The Philips Air Frye­r offers a valuable investme­nt opportunity, promoting health, enhancing well-be­ing, and adding convenience to any kitche­n. Embrace this appliance as a means of e­levating your cooking habits while relishing in the delightfully flavorful meals it produces. Don’t he­sitate; step into the world of he­althy and delicious air frying with the Philips Air Fryer.


  1. Can the Philips Air Fryer be used to fry frozen foods?
  • The air fryer performs admirably with frozen items, giving crisp results without thawing.
  1. Can I make pastries like cakes and muffins in the air fryer?
  • Absolutely! The air fryer Philips has baking capabilities, making it ideal for creating a variety of delicacies.
  1. Does the Fat Removal Technology affect the flavor of the food?
  • Not! The technique removes extra fat from your dishes without Notming the taste or texture.
  1. Can I manually alter the cooking temperature and time?
  • You may customize the cooking temperatures and times to fit your recipes.
  1. Are replacement components for the Philips Air Fryer readily available?
  • Air fryer replacement parts and accessories are widely accessible through authorized dealers and the Philips website.



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