Why are Vitus Bikes very popular? Ultimate review and prices 2023

Vitus Bikes has garne­red global attention from avid cyclists due to its e­xceptional combination of quality, innovation, and affordability. Within this article, we will explore the remarkable­ popularity of Vitus Mountain Bikes, conduct a price comparison analysis, and elucidate­ the reasons why they have become a favored choice­ among riders. Let us embark on this insightful journey.

History of Vitus Bikes

A respected producer of bicycles, Vitus Bikes can trace its roots back to the 1970s. Aluminum bicycle frames were developed by the French business Vitus. This breakthrough offered strong yet lightweight constructions, which completely changed the market.

In the 1980s, when the company pioneered carbon fibre technology, several top professional teams used frames from this brand. Vitus Bikes‘ ownership has changed hands many times, but the quality of their road and Vitus Mountain bikes has remained consistent. This company will be around long since they make products for severe sportsmen and casual bikers.

Review of the Best Vitus Mountain Bikes for 2023

1. Vitus Nucleus



  • Rear suspension travel: 120 mm
  • The sizes of the wheels and the frames are as follows: 27.5″/29″ and S, M, L, and XL
  • Metal Used for the Frame
  • Type of Mountain Bike: Hardtail XC

The Vitus Nucleus is their entry-level bicycle. The bike offers excellent features for the price, and it’s the least expensive model from Vitus. All bikes in this range are equipped with Shimano Deore drivetrains, as Chain Reactions ensured.

Nucleus 27 VRW is a model designed specifically for women. Nucleus 29 and 27.5 VR, as well as Nucleus 29 and 27.5 VRS, are some others. The bikes include a threaded bottom bracket and a lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum frame.

The Nucleus also features a water bottle holder and chainstay protection to prevent damage to the stay from the chain’s occasional slaps. Models also include upgradeable cheap Suntour forks. Like most hardtails, this one is a formidable climber.

As the back tyre loses traction on descents, it is not forgiving. ON THE OTHER HAND, the WTB tyres with the bike try their utmost to grip the ground.

If you’re shopping on a tight budget but still want a bike that can handle mild trails, commuting, and errands, go no further than the Vitus Nucleus. Bringing a Nucleus into a tricky route is like putting mice before a cat. The bike won’t make it, and if you try, you’ll probably have a lot of repairs to make.

vitus nucleus

2. Vitus Sentier



  • The fork can move 130 mm.
  • Size of wheels: 27.5″+/29″ Frame sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Frame made of aluminum
  • A hardtail XC or trail bike is an MTB type.

Vitus Sentier is a budget-friendly bike with wide tyres and performance-enhanced components that ride smoothly. The catch is its 27.5” tyres and 120 mm travel forks.

It takes a while to locate a bike with the Sentier’s characteristics for the same or less money. Chain Reaction Cycles did the bike justice with performance, excellent parts, and affordability.

This bike is excellent for beginners, especially trail riders. The model also accepts upgrades. A dropper post is an awesome bike feature since it helps when descending. An X-Fusion air fork and Shimano Deore 1x gear add to the enjoyment.

The headtube and seat angle are slack on the Sentier. The 650b-wheeler is more popular, but the Sentier 29er has wider wheels for overtaking obstacles. Both bikes function well, which is a good grade for their low price. Sentier has a women’s bike.

Vitus Sentier is a hardtail bike for trails and XC to handle non-technical terrain. If you’re on a budget yet want a bike you’ll like riding and enjoy hitting the trails with every weekend, Sentier is your choice. To ride over rocks and jumps, the Sentier is not ideal. You’ll hate it.

Vitus Sentier

3. Vitus Rapide



  • 100 mm travel on the fork
  • Size of Wheel: 29″
  • Frame sizes are S, M, L, and XL.
  • Frame made of carbon or aluminum
  • MTB Type: XC bike with a hardtail

Vitus Rapide is Vitus’ top hardtail. Rapide 29er versions include carbon ones. Without pedals, the carbon model weighs 24 lb. The trail bike is stiff but not as severe as a full-suspension bike.

Cross-country riding is fast, and you may fight XC champions. Faster and more enjoyable to ride. People who prefer 27.5-inch wheels are disappointed because Rapide is only available as a 29er.

On highs, the bike is light and straightforward to ride. It curves and runs over obstacles like no other hardtail bike, giving you confidence. For trail smoothness, RockShox forks are unmatched. The drivetrain is 1x Shimano SLX or Deore.

The carbon Rapide has a 12-speed rear cassette, while the cheaper one has 10. The cockpit is large, and the headtube is loose for improved handling. On descents, Shimano brakes provide ample stopping force.

Rapide, a race-ready XC hardtail, will make riders sweat and onlookers speak. If you want an XC bike that leaves a dust trail, choose Vitus Rapide. Pushing the bike starts it moving. If you lock the forks, Rapide climbs well. Descents are less impressive. Complex terrain like rocks, roots, and massive obstructions is unsuited for the bike.

4. Vitus Mythique



  • Travel: 140 mm fork
  • Shock: 140 mm travel
  • Wheel Size: 29″/27.5″ Frame Size: S to XL
  • The frame is aluminum/carbon.
  • Full-Suspension Trail Bike

One of the most economical bikes I’ve tested is Vitus Mythique. Vitus’ mythological quiver killer is the Mythique. All bike companies have quiver killers; Vitus has the Mythique. The bike has 650b wheels for smoother cornering and a 29er with appropriate geometry for confident trail riding.

Carbon versions are lighter than aluminum ones. Longer chainstays improve rear traction, especially while climbing and downhill. Since the bottom bracket is somewhat lifted, the rider enjoys tower-height riding.

A simple 12-speed SRAM Eagle with a 50-teeth big cassette helps you ascend slopes like Elijah’s chariot. X-Fusion rear and front means the suspension is ready for the trails. This bike has a great on- and off-saddle position. For an aggressive trail bike, this is ideal.

Techy terrain may be punishing, so you need a bike like Vitus Mythique. The bike performs well and runs well. If the path is smooth enough for a hardtail, riding the Mythique will restrict its possibilities.

vitus Mythique


5. Vitus Escarpe



  • Fork: 150 mm move
  • Shock: 140 mm travel
  • Wheel Size: 29″/27.5″ Frame Size: S to XL
  • Frame Aluminium/Carbon
  • MTB Full Suspension Trail/XC Bike

Vitus Escarpe is a blast to ride, and the newest model has revised geometry and suspension for better XC and trail performance.

You may pick between alloy and carbon frames for the bike. Curved tubes made prior generations less appealing. Vitus explored straight lines for the bike, which looks great. Slack, seat, head angle, and a flip-chip bottom bracket raiser are also added.

Pike Select 150 mm forks and Deluxe Select 140 mm shocks on the front and rear give you RockShox love and care. Moreover, if you keep spinning, the 1×12 Shimano SLX gear propels your bike forward.

Escape may be Vitus’ second quiver killer since its DT Swiss wheels and stock dropper seat post take it from a two-wheel beauty into a trail burner. The bike is fantastic to ride. Sitting on it will reveal it. Although not a great climber, Escarpe becomes one of the quickest bikes you’ve ridden when the ground goes downhill.

The suspension lets you play on the path, jump, race over rocks and roots, and do stunts for points. If you want to ride trails and compete in XC races, get the complete Susser. It’s unnecessary to buy two bikes when an Escarpe can do both.

Vitus Escarpe

6. Vitus Sommet



  • Travel: 170 mm fork
  • Shock travel: 162 mm
  • Wheel Size: 29″/27.5″ Frame Size: S to XL
  • Carbon/Aluminum frame
  • Full-suspension Enduro Bike

Vitus makes an excellent enduro bike, the Sommet. This bike cannot handle terrain or trail obstacles with Fox Factory 38 forks with 170 mm of travel. The bike’s carbon frame, alloy chainstay, and seat stay don’t alter weight.

The bike also has down tube protection from front wheel debris. Protection from continuous chain slaps is also on the right chainstay.

The bike has a rear Float X2 rear to cushion obstacles and smooth the ride. The smooth ride will keep you from being thrown about, and you’ll be confident.

Adjust the compression and rebound damping on the forks and rear suspension to customize the bike’s feel. The bike lacks the technology to modify the forks and shocks like a Scott Spark or Genius.

This bike’s Shimano XT groupset and brakes are excellent. If enduro is your lifestyle and you want a free dropper seat post, get Vitus Sommet.

You may cycle or race with it; every second counts. Anything else with this bike isn’t as fun, but trails are passable. Try XC riding, but tweak the suspension beforehand for a better experience.

Vitus Sommet

7. Vitus Dominer



  • Fork travel: 200 mm
  • Shock: 200 mm travel
  • Wheel Size: 27.5 Frame Size: S, M, L
  • MTB Frame Material: Alloy Full-suspension Downhill Bike

Dominer downhill bikes from Vitus are inexpensive. This bike is excellent for downhill novices. Despite its aluminum frame and fixed geometry, it offers something unusual from other bike builders.

The bike comes tubeless-ready and fitted up to save you stress. Air suspension is available, although the bike has a coil shock in the rear. Dominer has DH stuff like a loose head tube.

The bike’s RockShox BoXXer, 200 mm travel forks let you confidently tackle downhill trails.

The bike has SRAM brakes and a drivetrain. The motorcycle is roomy and manoeuvrable. Its stability is unmatched, making it the finest bike for learning downhill racing. Trying out downhill and not wanting to spend much on your first DH bike? Get this bike. Vitus Dominer provides the experience you want.

Vitus Dominer

Vitus Bikes vs. Competitors

The frame is made of:

Vitus: The frames are often aluminum for entry-level and mid-range Vitus bikes. For more expensive bikes, they also have skeletons made of carbon fibre.

Trek: Depending on the type and price, Trek frames are made of various materials, such as steel, carbon fibre, and aluminum.
Giant: Like Trek, Giant offers a range of frame materials, such as carbon fibre and aluminum.

Holding back:

Vitus: Mountain bikes from Vitus come with both hardtail and full suspension. Many of their full-suspension bikes have back shocks from companies like Fox and RockShox.
Trek: Trek’s mountain bike line-up includes hardtail and full-suspension bikes, with suspension parts from RockShox and Fox.
Gaian: Gaian has many mountain bikes with different suspension types, such as hardtail and full-suspension bikes, with suspension parts made by companies like RockShox.

How it works:

Vitus: Drivetrain parts for Vitus bikes usually come from Shimano or SRAM, but other brands can be used based on the type.
Trek: Trek’s entire line of bikes also uses Shimano and SRAM gear parts, and they offer a choice of groupsets at different price points.
Giant: Like other brands, Giant’s bikes have gear parts made by Shimano and SRAM, with choices across their entire line.

Stopping power:

Vitus: Most of Vitus’s bikes have disc brakes, and you can get them from companies like Shimano and SRAM.
Trek: Trek bikes also have disc brakes, usually made by Shimano or SRAM.
Giant: Disc brakes are also available on some Giant bikes, but the choices rely on the model and price.

Size of Wheel:

Vitus: Depending on the type of bike and what it will be used for, Vitus has a range of wheel sizes, such as 27.5-inch and 29-inch choices.
Trek: You can get Trek mountain bikes with either 27.5 inches or 29 inches wheels.
Giant: Giant bikes come with wheels of different sizes, such as 27.5-inch and 29-inch wheels, so that riders can choose the right wheels for their needs and the area they will be going on.

Price Level:

The price range for each brand can be very different based on the model and its parts. Vitus bikes tend to be more affordable, while Trek and Giant bikes come in a wide range of prices, from cheap to very expensive.

Geometry and Style:

Frame shape and design are different for each brand, which can change how the bike handles, how stable it is, and what it’s meant to be used for. You should try a few different types to find the one that fits your riding style and feels the best.

vitus bikes


Why Are Vitus Bikes So Cheap?

Given its e­xceptional quality, outstanding performance, and affordable­ pricing, Vitus Bicycles has gained a loyal following among riders of all skill le­vels. It is evident why the­se cycles have garne­red such devotion from enthusiasts.

Vitus Bikes‘ affordability results from various strategic decisions made by the firm. To begin with, Vitus follows a direct-to-consumer sales model, removing the need for intermediaries and markups. This direct method lets the company pass on cost savings to clients directly.

Moreove­r, Vitus leverages its e­xpertise and expe­rience to reduce production costs effe­ctively while upholding exceptional quality. Thanks to their impe­ccable supply chain management and e­fficient production methods, the brand succe­ssfully keeps pricing affordable, e­nabling a more comprehensive range of cycling enthusiasts to acce­ss these remarkable­ bikes.

It is important to note that the­ affordability of Vitus Bicycles does not compromise the­ir quality. The company remains dedicate­d to producing reliable and high-performance­ bicycles, establishing trust among customers worldwide­.

What Customers Say

It’s a good brand, however because it’s online you won’t be able to test ride it. If you’re sure it’s the right fit, go for it.A small amount of people might be a bit snobby about it because it doesn’t have the prestige of a Colnago for example, but fuckem lol. It’s a great budget option with good finishing kit too.
mike. h
My first bike was a Zenium. It’s since been replaced with an SL7 but I keep the Zenium around as a spare/bad-weather bike.

It’s been a fantastic bike to be fair. Very well built, no frills but was an incredible amount of cycle for the money.The only criticism I could lay on it is poor quality paint – it chips very quickly, but I’d much prefer that than than functional issues I’ve seen with other “budget” bike brand Ribble.

Prob best value performance bikes you can get right now. Up to date geo, good spec and quality control – plus you get an OG marque (not really but Sean Kelly rode a vitus).I don’t have direct experience of their road stuff, opinion is based on energie (cx) and all of their mtb range which is spot on.


Vitus Warranty

These bicycles have a five-year material fault guarantee. The five-year warranty covers faults. The guarantee does not cover normal wear. Buyers are protected against manufacturing flaws under the contract.

The original bike buyer must have the sales receipt to claim the warranty. Paint is guaranteed for one year from purchase. Vitus merchants will fix damaged products for free. Brand warranties cover non-Vitus parts. If problems arise, contact your retailer.

vitus mountain bikes


In conclusion, Vitus Bicycles’ appeal stems from the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering quality, performance, and affordability. Their varied bicycle selection appeals to various riding disciplines, making them a favourite among novice and experienced cyclists. Vitus Bikes USA continues to earn the trust and devotion of riders worldwide, thanks to an exceptional track record of customer satisfaction and a beneficial impact on the cycling community.


  1. Are Vitus Bicycles appropriate for beginners?
  • Vitus Bicycles have a selection of models suited for novices, providing an excellent base to begin their riding experience.
  1. What distinguishes Vitus Bikes from the competition?
  • Vitus Bicycles distinguishes itself by a winning combination of quality, performance, and price, making them a popular choice among riders.
  1. Can I purchase Vitus Bikes from their website?
  • Yes, absolute Vitus Bicycles may be purchased directly from their official website, assuring a hassle-free purchasing experience.
  1. Does Vitus Bikes sell mountain bikes with full suspension?
  • Yes, Vitus has a collection of full-suspension mountain bikes built to handle rugged terrain easily.
  1. What activities do Vitus Bikes support?
  • Vitus Bicycles supports the cycling community worldwide by sponsoring various cycling events ranging from local races to international competitions.



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