Why Is New Balance 530 So Popular? The Ultimate Review 2023

If you want a shoe that looks like it came from the 1980s but has a modern twist, the New Balance 530 trainers are the best choice. These shoes support and comfort your feet well, whether on grass, concrete, or light walks. They come in many colours and styles and look stylish and sleek.

History of New Balance 530

A classic sneaker story, especially for New Balance 530 debuted in 1992 as a high-performance running sneaker, drawing ideas from competition but adding its uncompromising touch, highlighted by its innovative ABZORB heel cushioning. It didn’t move the needle sufficiently then, but it didn’t fail either.

However, by 2013, at the height of the cool-kids-in-chunky-ironic-shoes craze, the sneaker had been immediately accepted by the fashion zeitgeist; it checked all of the requirements, and a makeover had helped rocket the 530 back into the spotlight.

New Balance Running Shoes Glossary

New Balance sneakers utilise a variety of one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge technologies to create one-of-a-kind experiences. Designers collect massive amounts of data from actual runners in order to inform the new technology that propels you ahead quicker.

Here are the New Balance phrases and names you should be familiar with:

  • Fresh Foam X. New Balance’s Fresh Foam is their top running shoe cushioning that is put into shoes. The foam is soft, responsive, and light, offering each shoe a comfortable ride and a seamless transition.
  • Hypoknit. Hypoknit is an upper material found in numerous New Balance running shoes. The manufacturing technique provides diverse zones of support and stretch in a single seamless top.
  • Ultra Heel. A tight, supportive heel cup that delivers a snug fit and locked-in sensation.
  • FuelCell foam. FuelCell, New Balance’s highest rebound foam, offers a light and responsive ride.

The New Balance Trainers 530 Facts

Today, we’ll look at some lesser-known facts regarding the New Balance 530, some of which you may or may not know.

1. The 530’s design is influenced by nature. Shades and patterns of plants, flowers, and landscapes influenced the designers.

2. The cushioning system: The NB 530 was among the first running shoes with ENCAP cushioning technology. This, by the way, is made up of an EVA midsole and a robust polyurethane cover.

3. Hip-hop culture: The New Balance 530 became a popular shoe in hip-hop culture in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Many well-known rappers and hip-hop performers sported the kick, becoming a hallmark of urban style.

4. Original name: The model was originally known as the “New Balance M530.” The ‘M’ stood for ‘males,’ indicating that the Kick was created for males. Later, the now-famous WMNS variants were also released, so the shoe was dubbed ‘New Balance 530‘ for some time.

How To Find The Perfect Fit

Start by taking precise measurements of the length and breadth of your foot. To determine your exact dimensions, use New Balance’s online sizing guidelines or visit an expert in-store.

Before you buy, give it a shot: Visit a New Balance shop or a local business that sells New Balance sneakers whenever feasible. Try on various models and pay attention to how they feel on your feet. Walkabout, assess their comfort and support and make any necessary modifications.

Examine consumer feedback: Make use of the plethora of knowledge available on the internet. Read user reviews and opinions on New Balance shoe styles that interest you. Look for trends and common themes in sizing and fit to learn from the experiences of others.

Use New Balance’s resources: On its official website, New Balance gives sizing recommendations and other useful information. To make an informed selection about the proper size for you, consult their sizing guides, which are adapted to each shoe model.

Trust your instincts: Keep in mind that everyone’s feet are different, and personal comfort is essential in choosing the correct fit. Trust your instincts and prioritize your personal comfort above anything else.

New Balance 530 How Should New Balance Trainers 530 Be Cleaned?

Unfortunately, cleaning New Balance 530s is more complicated than simply wiping them with a rag. Typically, a wipe on the midsole removes any excess dirt before scrubbing the mesh top with an old toothbrush and warm soapy water. Special trainer cleaning kits would also be beneficial. Without the whole cleaning method, simply putting the laces in the wash and wiping them down may refresh the look of the shoe.

Key Features of New Balance 530

The 530, like many other New Balance shapes, is a classic model in dad style. The New Balance 530 is a real 1990s runner that is currently available in a plethora of iconic as well as modern colours. Generally, the shoe is available in most retailers, however, popular hues such as the New Balance 530 green or baby blue are sometimes out of stock. So it pays to be quick!

Suede, air-permeable mesh, and leather are utilized for the 530’s overlay. These are high-quality materials with no frills in a low-key aesthetic that is quite representative of the sneaker period. The 530 has a unique fit because unisex variants are offered from NB to size 55. Furthermore, you may adjust the breadth or width of the shoe so that it fits perfectly and provides an excellent grip. This distinguishes the producer from many other companies that only provide standards.

pros and cons of nb530

New Balance Sizing Notes

  • New Balance trainers run true to size, therefore for most trainer types, we recommend ordering your typical size. Some shoes may have particular size notes, so carefully read each product page.
  • New Balance sneakers are designed to fit right out of the box, unlike many other sneaker manufacturers, and do not require breaking in.
  • New Balance trainers are available in half sizes, ensuring that you get the best fit possible.
  • If your feet are in between sizes, go with the larger size. Socks, insoles, and lacing patterns may all be adjusted for a better fit.
  • New Balance has one of the most extensive selections of shoes in wide widths, ranging from X-Narrow to XX-Wide, making it even easier to get the right fit.
  • To convert your US or EU sizes to UK sizing, use the New Balance size chart below.
  • Place your foot on the floor, heel against the wall, and a ruler parallel to the inside of your foot to measure its length. Then, position a straight-edged item over the top of your foot, with the edge touching the tip of your longest toe. Take a centimetre measuring tape.
  • Measure your feet in the late afternoon when your feet are at their biggest owing to natural swelling.

New Balance sizing charts

UK EU US Length (cm)
6.5 40 7.5 25
7 40.5 8 25.5
7.5 41.5 8.5 26
8 42 9 26.5
8.5 42.5 9.5 27
9 43 10 27.5
9.5 44 10.5 28
10 44.5 11 28.5
10.5 45 11.5 29
11 45.5 12 29.5
11.5 46.5 12.5 30
12 47 13 30.5
12.5 47.5 13.5 31

New Balance Women’s Sneakers Sizing Chart

UK EU US Length (cm)
4 36.5 6 23
4.5 37 6.5 23.5
5 37.5 7 24
5.5 38 7.5 24.5
6 39 8 25
6.5 40 8.5 25.5
7 40.5 9 26
7.5 41 9.5 26.5
8 41.5 10 27
8.5 42.5 10.5 27.5
9 43 11 28
9.5 43.5 11.5 28.5
10 44 12 29

Men’s Shoe Width Chart

2A B D 2E 4E 6E
X-Narrow Narrow Standard Wide X-Wide XX-Wide

Women’s Shoe Width Chart

4A 2A B D 2E 4E
X-Narrow Narrow Standard Wide X-Wide XX-Wide

new balance trainers 530

Should I Order A Size Up Or Down?

If you plan to wear the New Balance 530 for casual purposes, I recommend getting true to size, just like you would with other trainers.

Depending on your foot breadth, you may need to modify the fit somewhat.

Here are some pointers for various foot widths:

Narrow Feet
If you have small feet, the New Balance 530 may seem too wide.
This will assist you in keeping your feet secure in the shoes and preventing heel slippage.

  • Get your usual size and slightly tighten the laces.

Medium Feet

If you have medium-width feet, you don’t need to size up or down.

  • For the best fit, loosen the laces slightly.

Large Feet
If you have broad feet, the New Balance 530 may feel uncomfortably snug.
Here are some additional recommendations for those with broad feet:

  • Purchase a half-size larger.
  • If the sneaker is too tight, remove the insole.
  • Put on thinner socks.
  • To put the shoes on comfortably, use a long shoe horn.

Advice On How To Choose New Balance 430 Women

If you want to find the right fit, especially for New Balance 530 women shoes, try on the New Balance 530 Green for women as often as you can. You can try on the New Balance 530 Women’s range in a store near you to get a feel for how comfortable and supportive they are. Measure your feet and use the size numbers to get the best fit. Be sure to strictly follow the size guide’s advice.

For a better choice, read reviews and comments from other customers, especially if you’re interested in a certain New Balance 530 Women brand. Spend some time reading reviews from people who have bought the same shoe and pay attention to how they liked the fit, comfort, and size. Even though everyone has different tastes and foot shapes, getting constant feedback on size will help you make a choice. If you try on the New Balance 530 Women shoes in-store, look at the internet size charts and read what other customers have said. This may help you find the right size and fit.

Who Needs This?

The New Balance 530 is great for anybody who values comfort and style in their footwear. Whether you’re a busy worker, a student, a fashionista, or simply someone looking to expand your shoe collection, the 530 has something for you. Its flexibility and all-day comfort make it a must-have for individuals who want to look and feel their best.

Pros and Cons


  • The ABZORB technology provides superior comfort and cushioning.
  • Design that is timeless and can be worn with any outfit.
  • Versatile for many events and activities
  • Affordably priced
  • High-quality construction for long-term durability


  • Colour choices are limited.


Finding the appropriate fit is critical for overall foot health, comfort, and performance. Whether you select New Balance 530 or another brand, accurate size is critical. Because everyone’s feet are different, it’s important to try on shoes, precisely measure your feet, and consider input from other customers. This increases your chances of obtaining the correct fit and reaping the advantages of well-fitting footwear.


What makes the New Balance 530 so popular?

The new balance trainers 530 is famous because it mixes classic elegance with current comfort. The airy mesh top with synthetic overlays, as well as the rounded toe box and heel, provide durability, support, and a tight and spacious fit. Many people are raving about the sneaker online. The ABZORB midsole absorbs stress and provides cushioning.

Is New Balance 530 still fashionable?

The New Balance 530 is a classic and flexible sneaker that has millions of followers on TikTok, YouTube, and Google. It boasts a throwback style inspired by early 2000s running shoes, with a breathable mesh top, a shock-absorbing midsole, and a tight and spacious fit.

You may wear it with any outfit and on any occasion. The New Balance 530 comes in a variety of colorways, including black and white, navy and red, pink and purple, and green and yellow.

Are New Balance 530 walking shoes comfortable?

The New Balance 530 is a walking shoe with rounded corners that provide a wide and tight fit. It sports a breathable mesh top and a shock-absorbing midsole. It also boasts a stunning vintage look with long-lasting synthetic overlays. The NB 530 can manage any stroll on concrete or pavement.

Is the New Balance 530 leather?

The new balance trainers 530 is constructed of leather, but not just leather. It is obtained ethically and sustainably, with animal health and welfare in mind. Exotic skins, fur, and skins from endangered or abused animals are prohibited by New Balance. The leather used in the New Balance 530 comes from domestic animals kept for food or wool production and is supplied from environmentally friendly places.



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