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Price History for Breville Nespresso Inissia Original Espresso Machine (Red)


Current Price $123.99 July 22, 2024
Highest Price $123.99 June 20, 2024
Lowest Price $119.99 June 16, 2024
Since June 16, 2024

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$123.99 June 20, 2024
$119.99 June 16, 2024

Breville Nespresso Inissia C120 Description

Welcome to Delicious, High-Quality Espresso

The Nespresso BEC120RED Inissia Espresso Machine by Breville is a great choice for coffee lovers who want to start their day with a strong, creamy, delicious espresso beverage. This machine is the definition of style, convenience, and ease. Its compact design and modern style mean that it will fit in any kitchen, while its 19-bar high-pressure pump creates delicious flavor while preserving all the delicate rich flavors of your espresso beverages.

Inissia Espresso Machine: Ease and Convenience

The Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine makes it easier than ever to prepare delicious espresso. You can just pop in a pod and the machine will do the work! Thanks to its fast-heat system, it’s ready to use in just 25 seconds. Plus, its folding-cup tray adjustability and automatic energy-saving mode make it extremely convenient to use.

Learn, Play, and Enjoy

The Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine makes it easy for baristas of all skill levels to have fun and learn to make perfect espresso beverages. With its Aeroccino 3 milk frother, you can learn the basics and begin creating sophisticated lattes and cappuccinos. And, its intuitive LED control panel makes learning to use the machine even easier.


  • Automatic energy-saving mode
  • Compact, stylish design
  • Ergonomic handle for easy portability
  • 19-bar high-pressure pump for delicious flavor
  • Fast-heat system: Ready in 25 seconds
  • Aeroccino 3 milk frother
  • Folding cup tray adjustability
  • Intuitive LED control panel
  • Removable water tank of 0.7 liters
  • Perfectly integrated used capsule container

Breville Nespresso Inissia C120 Specification

Specification: Breville Nespresso Inissia C120




1.5 Pounds



Product Dimensions

7.5"D x 13.5"W x 13"H

Special Feature


Coffee Maker Type

Espresso Machine



Filter Type



Nespresso by Breville

Specific Uses For Product

Coffee maker

Item Weight

6 Pounds

Included Components

Espresso Maker


1260 watts


110 Volts

Model Name


Number of Items


Human Interface Input


Package Type

Standard Packaging



Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

January 22, 2017

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Breville Nespresso Inissia C120 Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Breville Nespresso Inissia C120

4.8 out of 5
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  1. G G

    Très bon choix rapport qualité prix excellent

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  2. Amazon Customer

    It was good!! Good price good function!!

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  3. Thiru

    This is a really good machine. I love it. The coffee pods are a bit expensive but its really packed with flavor

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  4. Shawn

    Hi everybody. We are writing this review for a couple of reasons. It was a dream for her to receive a Nespresso for the coffee as a Christmas gift.
    We originally ordered through Nespresso club. However, our order was suspended because Nespresso wanted proof of who we were by wanting copies of non-expired government ID and proof of where we lived such as hydro or phone bill. Seriously? We asked ourselves this opens up to fraud and identity theft.
    So, going on Amazon which we buy all the time from we found this product cheaper and exact same model/frother combo for cheaper and no third degree enquiry. It came from ECS coffee company.
    So, the next question we have is ordering the cups. Since Nespresso wants too much personal documentation, where can you order online?
    We wanted the titanium model but Amazon advertised the same model for $450!!!!!! Ok why the price difference of 400%?

    Don’t get us wrong it makes great but when purchasing find out about your coffee supply how and where you will continue to buy your coffee pods. This was a chore to buy something simple as a coffee machine.

    We give it a four for the actual product.

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  5. Private

    I knocked one star for the loudness of the machine, and because the price of the pods which is too near cafe prices in my opinion if you drink them plain and compare with plain coffees/Americanos at the shops. Home use machines should be vast amounts cheaper than coffee shops, by comparison. That’s the point of brewing at home rather than going to the shop, is to save loads of money.

    I spend about $200 a month on a major coffee chain. I actually prefer Nespressos taste on some pods, and at least liked ALL the samples I tried. I spent a while trying different coffee machines at home and was always let down. I then realized I should be making espresso for what I like, so I tried a cheap espresso machine and it always came out lukewarm and was difficult for an amateur to master.

    Then I bought this masterpiece of a machine. Simple to use and I’m overjoyed with it. It has the right amount of water and grounds automatically, and throws the used pod down to the chamber for easy disposal and cleaning later on. It also tastes better to me. I made a couple plain lattes and they were great. Got to find the right percent of espresso and milk for you. I actually prefer the ‘lungo’ option plain to lattes because the grounds are tasty. I think it’s pretty close to an Americano. It’s thicker and richer and fuller and has a crema, as well, which I much prefer all of those things to the drink I used to love at the cafe. I used to live to get my coffee there and now I have had no cravings for it. In fact I crave Nespressos instead. I think my cravings for Nespresso are stronger than my cravings for the cafe were. I do wish the machine brewed more, as I’m used to 16+oz cups of coffee like it’s a 3-4oz. When I first used it I remember saying aloud “thats it??” And I’m sure a lot of others experienced the same thing on their first use. I knew it wasn’t much, but it still threw me off to see it in the mug. But depending on what you like (and what you try as alternatives in the machine) you can save money with a Nespresso.

    -Lattes at home vs at cafe—If you buy a $5-6 latte at this particular chain, possibly plus tip, you’d be saving big by making your own with the easy and tasty Nespresso pods (about $.70 per pod on the nespresso website. Free shipping on bulk orders over $50).

    -Straight from the machine vs cafe coffee—As for Americano or black coffee fans, the price difference isn’t as great. At around $.70 a pod, it’s $2.10 for three shots to make your own 12oz of lungos, vs about $2.45 (without tip) at the cafe chain for around the same size. So if you intend to drink it plain in the hopes it’ll save you money, unless you try a cheaper non-nespresso brand of espresso pods or a reusable/refillable pod or sealing cap, you won’t be saving as much. Or if you only really want 3-4oz of espresso in the morning.

    Cheaper options to Nespresso pods—there is also third party brand coffee in Nespresso compatibe pods to try for cheaper here on Amazon, not to mention the reusable plastic or metal pods I intend to check out with mine. Or the resealable lids for reusing old pods as well.

    I tried to cover a used pod with foil and reuse it like I saw on a YouTube video before buying the machine, but the bulk of the foil folded over the edges (no matter how small I snipped the foil down to) kept it from spinning in the machine, and the puncturing mechanism couldn’t poke adequate holes in the loose fitting foil. I tried a few times to get it tight and smooth, but it would be a waste of grounds to do that every day until you get it right. Also you have to insert the used Nespresso pod at the same angle as the first time to avoid punching three new holes in the bottom. Over all not a good alternative for saving money that way. Makes more sense to buy the lid replacements on Amazon, but you’d still get limited use out of used pods, as eventually the holes re-poked at the bottom each time would get too big and water down the espresso.

    Either way it’s worth it in my opinion for the (for me, at least) better quality coffee at an slightly to moderately lesser price point depending on what you’re making with it. Not to mention you don’t have to drive down to the cafe and spend unnecessarily on car gas for a coffee run. And you get that crema which is fun, you don’t even have to froth the milk for lattes if you don’t want to. You can make all the same fancy drinks at the coffee shop for cheaper once you get it right. Making the espresso is the easiest part.

    -The machine is VERY loud. Like a blender. It brews quickly, though. It could wake up a light sleeper in another room. Not sure if other Nespresso models are quieter.
    -It is literally the easiest coffee or espresso machine I’ve ever used. No wonder pod machines are so popular.
    -Also, like I mentioned earlier, it makes 3oz cups in espresso and 4oz cups in lungo, so keep that in mind if you like a large cup. You may need to brew 2 or 3 pods.

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  6. Jonathan Hacker

    If you’re looking at this item, and debating on whether or not to purchase it, it’s fair to assume that you’re looking for something easy and convenient, but not at the expense of quality. I have great news! The all around quality of this machine is superb, and I’ve owned one for quite a while now, and have plenty of experience with it.

    To start things off, if you’re new to the whole Nespresso line of machines, you’re of course going to need to read all instructions before doing anything, just to ensure that you’re well prepared and capable of operating the Inissia.

    As far as the build quality goes, this thing feels very solid and sturdy, and even though most of it is made of plastic, all of the important parts are made of a very durable feeling metal material that I feel confident will hold up very nicely. It has some weight to it, and just doesn’t feel cheap at all to me. The handle you use to close the brew chamber is very satisfying in terms of being well built and having an all around good feel to it. Absolutely no issues as far as build quality is concerned.

    This machine is only made to brew the designated “capsules” which are made by nespresso, and can actually be a bit pricey if you plan on drinking a whole lot of espresso based beverages, but the overall convenience and quality make up for the price in my opinion. Keep in mind I’m a huge coffee fan, and love to have my espressos straight, so I may be a heavier user than some. The nespresso website, as well as amazon, have a large selection of all the available capsules, and the packaging or “sleeves” they come in, tell you all about the origin of the coffee inside the corresponding capsule. Everything is very informative and nice, and makes the whole experience a lot better. There’s a flavor profile along with an intensity meter, to let you know how flavorful and full bodied the particular capsule you’ve purchased is. The selection of capsules is vast, and there’s something for everyone, whether you like a light breakfast type roast, or a rich and full bodied brew. They even have a few “flavored” capsules including vanilla and caramel, and believe it or not they’re very good. Not too sweet, but just right. Finding a good coffee for you is not going to be a problem with Nespresso.

    Operating the Inissia is very straightforward and user friendly, once you’ve initially brewed a capsule. You basically just fill the water reservoir in the back with fresh, filtered water, and choose one of two buttons between a “lungo” (long shot) or an espresso shot (short shot). Basically the lungo shot is larger volume, and tastes a little less intense, although they have their own special lungo capsules, designated for the lungo shot. It’s a very good drink, and if you’re not into drinking espresso shots straight, then you may find that a lungo shot is just right for you. As with any other coffee beverage, you can always add hot water or any flavors you want to dilute/alter the taste to your liking. Once you load your capsule and close the handle, you then short press the selection of either lungo or espresso, and the corresponding light will start flashing. This lets you know that the water is heating up. It takes maybe 20 seconds, and then the flashing light will stop. This lets you know it’s ready to brew. You then simply tap the button once more, and the brewing starts. Very simple operation once done for the first time.

    As for clean up, this thing really is a breeze. It has it’s own drip tray, and also a compartment used to catch the used capsules, once you raise the handle again after the brewing process has completed. It supposedly holds around 10 spent capsules I believe, and is a very nice feature just for the added convenience. As far as deep cleaning with white vinegar and water, as long as you use clean, filtered water, you’ll probably never really need to do it more than once maybe. I’ve owned mine for several months now, and have yet to deep clean it, and it keeps churning out the same fantastic quality coffee as it did the day I purchased it. A simple wipe down with a wet cloth every now and then is really all you need to do, which is wonderful.

    I’m not going to talk too much about the aeroccino milk frother, as I really don’t take milk in my espresso too often, but I have used it several times, and it’s very effective and does exactly as advertised. You basically short press the button in the front, to heat and froth your milk, and long press it to froth it cold. There’s a little plastic piece that allows you to switch from frothed milk, to foam. My milk has been perfect everytime I’ve used it, and it doesn’t take long at all to get it hot.

    If you’re looking for an entry level, affordable, high quality espresso machine, look no further than right here. If convenience is something you want, yet don’t want to sacrifice taste, then look no further. I use this thing everyday, and it delivers a perfect shot of espresso everytime for me, and I love trying all the different varieties. I really think you’ll be pleased with the Inissia. Thanks for reading and enjoy the coffee!

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  7. Andrew

    Great product, easy setup, love it and have only had it a few days.

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  8. team W

    Unlike probably most people who are thinking about this product, I actually own a real espresso machine.

    The real espresso machine is a piece of industrial art. It’s big, it’s heavy, it was made in Italy and it cost about 10x what this thing costs. Once you get it dialed in, and pair it with a high-quality grinder, a real espresso machine like that will make you an absolutely sublime espresso.

    Can this little gadget recreate the same thing? No. Of course not. If it could nobody would still be going through all the cost and effort to still make it the more traditional way using all of that very expensive equipment.

    What this can do is make something completely unobjectionable and pleasant with absolutely no skill/effort at a fraction of the price. It takes up almost no counter space and is easy to keep clean. And there is a place for that.

    If I am only making a single drink, and I am in a hurry, this is fine. Not great. Fine. Yes, I can run circles around this thing if I want to bother firing up the big machine, grind my beans, weigh the ground coffee to the gram, etc. and then clean everything up. But sometimes I don’t want to do all of that, I just want a quick espresso to help me get through a dull meeting.

    About the only downside is that the pods are expensive. You are paying for that convenience. And if you have a lot of people using it and it is their only way to make coffee, it is not cheap to run. So it is probably best for someone who is like me, and only expects to use it occasionally, rather than making multiple cups every day.

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  9. M. Smith

    I wanted to stop feeding the Star, but I didn’t want the hassle of grinding beans. This works very well for my needs, and cost per shot is reasonable and there are many varieties of flavors to choose from. Would but again – that’s my highest praise.

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