10 Must-Have Vlogging Equipment Essentials for Beginners

In this digital age, vlogging is becoming a common way to present yourself and make content. You’ll need the right vlogging equipment if you want to be a celebrity, love to travel, or want to share your ideas and experiences with the world. This post will discuss the 10 most crucial vlogging equipment for beginners, ensuring you have everything you need to start blogging.

What Is vlogging And Why Is It So Popular?

Video blogging (vlogging) involves creating video content. It includes daily routines, trip vlogs, family vlogs, video essays, and Q&As from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Watch, and Instagram’s IGTV. Social media and video-sharing platforms have made it easy and cheap for vloggers to broadcast their material, dramatically impacting the business.

Smartphones have also democratized media, affecting vlogging. Creative people with smartphones may go viral and leverage modern camera technology to make high-quality content without pricey equipment. Another reason vlogging is popular is its viability. More people are vlogging full-time thanks to advertising revenue-sharing structures on video sites.

Best Vlogging Equipment For Beginners

Locate the necessary vlogging equipment for beginners to ensure you have everything you need to create engaging videos. This article will show you the best equipment for vlogging, including cameras, tripods, microphones, and lights:

1. Both DSLR And Mirrorless

The most prominent gear you’d need to make movies is a camera. And a vlog camera is not the same as a regular camera. Depending on what you want to do with your vlog, you will need a different camera. One important thing to remember is that you need a camera to record movies, not photos and pictures.

One camera that might be great for pictures might not be so great for movies. So, pick the one that works best for recording movies. People often make the mistake of using their phones’ photos. Even though they’ve come a long way, they’re still not as good as DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, especially when taking movies. Different lenses for mirrorless and DSLR cameras let you shoot other videos.

What’s The Difference Between A DSLR And A Mirrorless Camera?

A handheld camera has more features than a DSLR besides being faster, lighter, and smaller. But a compact camera might also not work when there isn’t much light. On the other hand, a DSLR is superb in low light and comes with a wide range of lenses. When it comes to filming, a mirrorless camera is better than a DSLR because it has faster focus, even when there isn’t much light.

2. Camera

The following video cameras come highly recommended:

The camera On A Smartphone

Smartphones and their cameras have changed quickly. Two types of image stabilization can be found on smartphones: electronic and optical. If they have both, you can use them to take pictures and movies. You can take clear pictures and make stable movies with both of these. A smartphone camera is a great and inexpensive choice for people just starting.

The following are some of the best smartphone cameras you can use for vlogging:

A smartphone is a good tool for learning how to use the camera and make videos. With a stand and good lighting, your smartphone camera can help you make great movies. A smartphone camera isn’t as good as a compact or DSLR camera, but it’s good enough for most types of filming.

  • Extra Lens

Many vloggers start with a wide-angle lens, but that long focal length can make things look less than ideal. Don’t get me wrong—wide-angle would be my first choice for VM lenses if we had to choose just one. There are times when you need a little more, though.

When you use a wide-angle lens, getting close-ups of things other than yourself can be challenging. They also tend to have smaller apertures, which makes it harder to get that excellent blurry background (bokeh) for a b-roll or to make your images stand out more from the environment.

  • Hand Strap for Camera

Always having a camera on hand instead of in your bag is something you try to do when you want to blog or take pictures. It’s awkward, and you might drop it during the day.

You know this isn’t popular among vloggers, but you always put a hand strap on your camera to hold it longer. In that way, you are more likely to remember the times that didn’t go as planned during the day.

When you wear the camera strap, you don’t have to worry as much about dropping it, and you can run or walk on rough ground without any problems.

best camera for vlogging | vlogging equipment

3. Drones

Drones are great tools for taking pictures from above. So, drones can help you if you want to become a trip blogger or if your videos need big shots or shots from above.

A lot of money goes into a filming kit and a PC to edit those videos. When you add in the cost of the drone, it hurts your wallet. You can start with cheap drones to get the hang of it. Flying a drone isn’t easy, and if you mess it up, you might be unable to fix it. You can move on to the better, more expensive ones in time.

I highly suggest you learn how to shoot videos, control a drone individually, and assemble them. That way, you won’t lose your Drone either!

That is where you can find the best drone with a camera for kids. Here are some of the best drones:

4. Laptop And Software

It’s easier to take movies than to edit them. A computer or laptop is what you need to change your movies. You can’t post movies that haven’t been changed. It would be best to have a computer or PC to edit, no matter how complicated the work is. But choosing a laptop or a computer depends on your choice and cash.

You can’t do anything with a PC that doesn’t have writing software! Here is some software that you should use to edit your vlog videos quickly and correctly.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • LightWorks
  • iMovie
  • VideoProc

5. Gimbal

A gimbal is another essential vlogging equipment for beginners. It lets your camera record videos that look like they were shot in a movie theatre, no matter what. And just like that, a gimbal lets you easily take stunning and unique pictures from almost any angle. Without much trouble, a gimbal lets you turn your camera to take any photo from any angle. A gimbal can be very helpful, especially when taking movies outside.

Getting a gimbal for both regular and touchscreen cameras is possible. Here are some well-known gimbals:


6. Tripod

Another essential item for a filming kit, a tripod, is an instrumental piece of gear. Not only does it make it easier to take great movies, but it also lets you shoot from different angles.

It is strongly suggested that you only buy tripods that last a long time. If you don’t, you might hurt your expensive camera. It would be best to have a tripod, so the longer it lasts, the better and cheaper it is.


7. Microphone

It doesn’t matter how expensive or top-of-the-line your video camera is if you only use its built-in mic. Getting a microphone is excellent for your movies and your voice. If not, you might have to scream to make movies with good sound quality.

A microphone will pick up even the faintest sounds exactly. You can also use this to emphasize words and make videos without worrying about the music.

These are some excellent microphones:

This is a must-have for me as a Scottish blogger. Do you know that awful wind noise you get when you record outside? It makes videos bad. There is less of that sound with the MicroMuff (what a great name!). It sticks to your camera with Velcro and glue. Very easy and works well.

The weather in Shetland in this vlog was too much for one of these to handle, so we broke it. We were blown away!

Microphone | equipment for vlogging

8. Lighting

That’s right, this one is clear. Once you have the camera, the lights are likely the most essential vlogging equipment for beginners. Your blog would be more impressive and exciting if it had better lighting. You would need a lot of different kinds of lights to record inside. For some outdoor shots, especially when it’s dark or late at night, you also need a lot of lights.

You can also use lights to make your movie look more charming. In other words, you can use lights to make your vlogs look nicer. Still, even though lights are necessary for making movies, there are many things you should know and do when using lights to get the best results. For example, you must change the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture to make a light-optimized film. In the same way, the number, position, and use of lights are also significant.

Here are some great and helpful blogging lights you can try:



9. Memory Cards

Memory cards are yet another vlogging equipment that novices cannot go without. As a vlogger, you will be recording a significant amount of video, which means you will want a large amount of storage space.

It is essential to use memory cards with a high capacity and a rapid write speed to prevent delays and the loss of frames. To ensure that you never run out of storage capacity while shooting, it is highly advised that you always carry at least two memory cards on hand.

Memory Cards

10. Extra Batteries

Most things that you use need a battery to work. Mirrorless cameras, drones, and other electronics use up batteries. Because of this, you should always carry extra batteries with you as part of vlogging equipment for beginners.

You should bring extra batteries for all the electronics you get. You might miss a great opportunity or waste time and effort if you don’t do that. This is especially true if you make trip videos or need to travel for your videos.

vlogging equipment | spare battery



Before starting your vlogging career, consider what gear you need carefully. Get the necessary vlogging equipment for beginners, including a good camera, tripod, microphone, lighting, and storage solutions. You can produce excellent vlogs that a large audience will find engaging.

Remember that your purchase gear must fit your YouTube channel objectives, style, and budget. Investing in the proper tools will make your vlog-starting endeavours successful.


Q1: Can I start blogging with just my phone?

No question about it! Many well-known vloggers started using their cell phones as their leading cams. Check your phone’s camera quality and consider getting a gimbal to stabilize things.

Q2: Do I need a different microphone to vlog?

Some cameras have built-in mics, but you should use a separate microphone for better sound quality. A lot of vloggers use shotgun or Lavalier mics.

Q3: What kind of lights should I use for my vlog?

Take pictures near windows or outside during the day to get good natural light. If there isn’t much natural light, LED lights or a ring lamp might help light up your movie.

4. How much room do I need to store videos for my blog?

The quality and length of your movies will tell you how much space you need. Purchase memory cards with a lot of space on them, and think about using a portable hard drive to add more space.

5. What is the best program for first-timers to edit videos?

Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie are all easy-to-use video editing programs for beginners. Pick the one that fits your writing needs and skill level the best.



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