Why Nike Tech Fleece is Very Popular? Complete Review

Nike Tech Fleece has taken over the world, which has changed the sportswear and athleisure businesses. This innovative fabric has gained the praise of athletes, exercise fans, and people who care about fashion. The massive popularity of the Nike tech fleece hoodie will be discussed in this piece, along with the unique qualities that make it stand out from other sportswear materials.

What is Nike Tech Fleece?

This innovative textile comprises foam sandwiched between two layers of cotton jersey, delivering complete comfort and warmth to the wearer. The fabric’s most notable feature is that it isn’t excessively thick and lays beautifully when worn, unlike usual warmer athleisure wear materials.

When Did Nike Tech Fleece First Appear?

Nike first introduced Tech Fleece in 2013. Customers took notice very immediately when the brand released the line. Nike has gotten a lot of accolades since its release for cleverly upgrading the quality and comfort of its usual joggers, hoodies, and other items.

What Are The Main Advantages Of The Nike Tech Fleece?

  • Lightweight design – Tech Fleeces are frequently light in build to promote optimal comfort for the wearer.
  • Breathability – Because the Tech Fleece was designed with performance in mind, the construction provides a degree of breathability to ensure temperature regulation.
  • Versatility – Whether on the couch, at the gym, or on your commute, the Nike Tech Fleece is an excellent pick.

Different Kinds Of Nike Tech Fleece

Fleece was created to look like a sheep’s hide and wool; traditional versions featured a high-pile exterior and smooth interior. However, due to its all-synthetic composition, the category has evolved into several forms, ranging from thick sherpa fleece to elegant grid-backed materials. The sky’s the limit—check out Polartec’s textiles section to illustrate how many distinct fibres will be in 2023. The fleece kinds shown in the coats above are broken down below (our list is by no means exhaustive).

The Polar Fleece

Consider polar fleece, a thick fleece jacket similar to The North Face’s Denali: A simple, double-sided cloth that is warm, comforting, and pillier than most. Polar fleece has become so popular that Polartec, responsible for high-end fleeces such as Polartec Alpha and Polartec Power Stretch Pro, has appropriated its name. Polar fleece is a low-tech fabric lacking windproofing and water resistance, as well as special breathability, weight-saving methods, and gridded patterns. But it still has all of the attributes we look for in a fleece and is reasonably priced. Polar fleece is often called microfleece in thinner versions (less than 200 gsm).

Knitted Fleece

Knit fleece, also known as sweater-knit fleece, is exemplified by coats like the Patagonia Better Sweater and Arc’teryx Covert, which have a heathered knit front fabric (similar to wool) and a soft, brushed interior that acts and feels like typical fleece. Knit fleece jackets are famous for their stylish appearance, pill resistance, and warmth, and they make excellent substitutes for wool cardigans or jackets. However, due to their very thick and hefty construction, they are not a perfect choice for severe outside use.

Fleece with a Gridded Pattern

Sweater-knit fleece is a relatively casual material, but gridded fleece (waffle or thermal fleece) has a high-performance slant. The interior of a gridded fleece has patterns of elevated fleece (squares, circles, or hexagons, for example) with channels in between for air to flow, as seen in fleeces such as the original Patagonia R1 (which employs Polartec’s Power Grid) and Outdoor Research Vigor Grid. On the outside, you’ll usually find a smooth surface that distributes moisture and speeds up evaporation. As a result, maximum warmth and breathability are achieved with little weight and bulk—the difference in breathability is especially noticeable compared to other fleece varieties. While the Patagonia R1 Air is technically a jacquard fleece (meaning that a raised pattern is woven into the fabric), it falls under the gridded fleece category.

Fleece Sherpa/Faux-Shearling

Sherpa fleece is as close to the origin tale of fibre as you can get without wading into shearling wool (for this reason, it’s also known as faux-shearling fleece). On one side, there’s a smooth knit backer (if we’re drawing similarities, this would be the sheep’s hide); on the other, there’s a lofty, high-pile fleece that looks like unprocessed wool. Although no sherpa fleece jackets are on our list, the Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece is a popular style with double-sided shearling (the faux-wool material is on both the inner and exterior). Sherpa fleece is big and informal, but this is it if you seek ultimate comfort.

Other Fleeces with a Dual Surface

Many gridded and sherpa fleeces have a smooth and a fleecy side (funny, gridded fleeces often lay the fleecy side next to skin, while sherpa fleeces do the opposite), but they aren’t the only varieties of fibre that have a smooth and a fleecy side. Polartec’s Power Stretch Pro material, which is almost sweatshirt-like with a soft polar fleece interior and smooth, low-friction exterior, deserves special mention. Power Stretch Pro and similar blends retain all the fleece benefits while adding an outstanding range of motion, shape retention, and durability. Check out the Arc’teryx Kyanite and Norrna Falketind Warmwool2 above for a closer look at this technology.

nike tech fleece hoodie

What Are The Dimensions Of the NOCTA x Nike Tech Fleece Pieces?

If you like Drake or his clothing line NOCTA, you may have seen a joint Tech Fleece collection coming! One of the most noticeable differences between this collection and the normal Tech Fleece range is the more relaxed silhouette.

The NOCTA x Nike Tech Fleece line is much looser, with a baggier fit. The jacket is a little roomier and boxier than the bottoms, yet they fit very differently. The joggers are a radically different style than their predecessor, with a relaxed, straight leg as opposed to their regular taper and cuff.

Before you size down to ease any new bagginess, remember that the new pieces are designed to be worn that way! If you size down, you risk making other areas tighter than expected, so stick to your regular size and enjoy the more relaxed fit!

Detailed Review Of the Nike Tech Fleece Joggers


Nike tech fleece joggers aren’t the most butty-flattering piece of clothing. On the other hand, the Nike Tech Fleece Pants have a tapered fit but are flexible enough to allow for a full range of motion.

Although the Nike tech fleece joggers have a tighter fit from the knee to the ankle, you can still run in them because they flow with your body. These sweatpants have ankle cuffs as well. They let you show off your shoes while keeping your pants from being dragged across the floor and collecting dust.

I don’t blame men who are glued to this type of tech sportswear and buy multiple pairs. The Nike Tech Fleece joggers are one of the few bottoms that can be worn for every situation, whether working out, hanging out with friends, or running errands.


Most sweatpants have deep pockets, making getting your wallet out from practically down to your knee difficult. Fortunately, Nike’s sweatpants provide more convenient storage for the items you intend to bring.

It has little pockets on both sides, as is customary, but it also includes an additional pocket that distinguishes it from other sweatpants. It has a large zipped pocket on the right side and another small pocket. These handy pockets are great for storing essential items like money and keys.

The Nike Tech Fleece joggers are made of sophisticated Nike Tech material, combining jersey and synthetic elements. As a result, the garment is lightweight while keeping you warm throughout the day.


Traditional Nike tech fleece joggers can be exceedingly heavy, making them only ideal for cold weather – and also challenging to wash. However, the continual invention has made these pants more lightweight and all-season appropriate.

Nike Sportswear has effectively joined the current sweatpant industry, and they have been at the top since the introduction of the Nike Tech Fleece Pants.

These pants are soft and light, but because they provide warmth to your body, I wouldn’t wear them outside during the summer (but who does?).

These sweatpants are not only comfortable but also fashionable. They’re ideal for showing off your favourite pair of sneakers.


The Nike Tech Fleece joggers are pricey, but they’re worth it. These sweatpants are a terrific option for a great alternative to jeans or your old workout clothes.

You might think spending too much on sweatpants is ridiculous, but it always pays to spend more on high-quality items than inexpensive ones. Furthermore, they will last a long time so you will get your money’s worth.


Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie Comparison Table

Arc’teryx Kyanite Jacket $180 Performance/casual 13.8 oz. Light/mid 2 hand
Patagonia R1 Air Full-Zip Hoodie $179 Performance 12.9 oz. Lightweight 2 hand, 1 chest
REI Co-op Trailmade Fleece $60 Casual 12.7 oz. Midweight 2 hand
Patagonia R1 TechFace Hoodie $189 Performance 13.8 oz. Lightweight 2 hand, 1 chest
The North Face Denali $180 Casual 1 lb. 0.9 oz. Heavyweight 2 hand, 2 chest
Patagonia Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T $139 Casual 14.3 oz. Midweight 1 chest
Patagonia Better Sweater $159 Casual 1 lb. 6.5 oz. Midweight 2 hand, 1 chest
Cotopaxi Teca Fleece Full-Zip $110 Casual Unavailable Light/mid 2 hand
Black Diamond Coefficient LT Hybrid $180 Performance 7.2 oz. Lightweight 1 chest
Fjallraven Keb Fleece Jacket $195 Casual/performance 1 lb. 2 oz. Midweight 2 hand, 1 chest
Kuhl Interceptor Fleece Jacket $139 Casual 1 lb. 3.2 oz. Midweight 2 hand, 2 chest
Outdoor Research Vigor Grid Fleece $120 Performance 12.6 oz. Lightweight 2 hand, 1 chest
Arc’teryx Covert Pullover Hoodie $180 Casual 1 lb. 1.6 oz. Midweight 1 chest
Norrøna Falketind Warmwool2 Hood $249 Casual/performance 1 lb. 3.8 oz. Midweight 2 hand, 1 chest
Rab Capacitor Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie $140 Performance 14.1 oz. Light/mid 2 hand, 1 chest
L.L. Bean Sweater Fleece $99 Casual Unavailable Light/mid 2 hand, 1 chest
REI Co-op Hyperaxis 2.0 Hoodie $149 Performance/casual 15.8 oz. Midweight 2 hand, 1 chest
Columbia Steens Mountain 2.0 $65 Casual 1 lb. 0.6 oz. Midweight 2 hand

Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie Review

Casual vs. Performance Fleece

We can divide fleeces into casual and performance categories. Casual fibres offer unmatched comfort and warmth for daily use. They are great for layering, cabin wear, and commutes on cold nights. Our favourite casual fleeces range from sweater-knit styles like the Patagonia Better Sweater to essential pieces of cloth. Our fibres may be worn casually, even though many are designed for performance (when we first acquired our R1 Air, we never wanted to take it off).

  • The beauty of fleece: Warmth, comfort, and breathability are easily transferred to regular wear in fleece, unlike many activewear items.
  • Performance fleeces share traits: They have high-tech fabrics like Polartec Power Stretch Pro and Alpha, hoods, and thumb loops, and are snug-fitting and stretchy. Performance fleeces include hybrid fleece/synthetic jackets and fleeces with weather-resistant face fabrics like Patagonia’s TechFace range. When choosing a performance fleece, consider your weather protection, mobility, warmth, and packability needs. The options are nearly endless.

Weight And Warmth

Some coats list fabric thickness or fleece weight to estimate warmth. Grams per square meter—100, 200, and 300—represent this, and some companies have their rating system (Patagonia’s R1 and R2). The Black Diamond Coefficient LT Hybrid is a slightly warmer fleece than a baselayer and perfect for high-output activities, prioritizing breathability over warmth. Midweight or 200-weight fleeces are warmer and perfect for fall, spring, and moderate slope days. While 300-weight fibres are friendly and can insulate against freezing temperatures, their bulk sometimes limits mobility and breathability.

More companies are designing their fleeces, and Polartec has expanded its products, making the distinction unclear. However, fibre is helpful when available, and its weight usually corresponds to warmth. The heavier a jacket, the better it will keep you warm and block wind.

Wind/Water Resistance

Although worn alone, the Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie is not designed to withstand high wind or rain. Wind and water can easily pass through the porous synthetic fabric, which is hydrophobic. Fleeces—even dual-surface models with low-friction exteriors—don’t have a DWR finish like down or synthetic jackets. The North Face Denali and Cotopaxi Teca have non-fleece nylon panels that repel light rain, although they only cover a few inches across the chest.

Fleece makers sometimes add a weather-resistant shell to increase wind and water protection. The Patagonia R1 TechFace Hoody has gridded fleece and woven softshell. The cozier hard-face fleece is an excellent alternative to a softshell. For PNW commutes and shoulder-season mountain days, hard-face fibres are wind-resistant and water-resistant, but not for all-out rain. A solid rain jacket or hardshell is still needed in genuinely wet conditions.

Fit And Size

Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie vary in fit, so check the jacket’s intended function to be sure it fits. Performance pieces like the Outdoor Research Vigor Grid feature a trim cut to reduce extra fabric for mobility and ventilation. The style works nicely on the mountain but not in the city. The Arc’teryx Kyanite is a good pick if you want a comfortable jacket but not too loose for the wilderness. Casual clothing, like the Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T or other affordable choices, may suit a roomier fit.

Care For A Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie

Poor fleece can pill, and even good fibre can lose fleece with time. Preventing jacket pilling is crucial because it’s hard to stop. Avoiding dryers is one of the finest methods to prolong fleece. Some have found luck washing fleeces on the delicate wash cycle, line drying, or tumble-drying on low. While fleece coats are famous for campfires, keep them away from the flames. Extreme heat melts plasticky structures. Fleeces are easy to care for and should last for years.

Nike Hoodie

Pros And Cons Of Nike Tech Fleece:

pros and cons of nike tech fleece



Finally, Nike Tech Fleece has become well-known for sportswear and everyday wear due to its unique blend of comfort, design, and utility. Its success can be attributed to cutting-edge technology, various tactics, and celebrity and influencer sponsorship. This protects you at the gym, running errands, or relaxing at home.


Q1: What distinguishes Nike Tech Fleece from conventional fleece?

It outperforms regular wool in terms of warmth, breathability, and style. Its cutting-edge technology sets it apart from other fleece materials.

Q2: Can I exercise in Nike Tech Fleece?

Absolutely! Its lightweight and elastic fabric is ideal for exercise, providing comfort and performance.

Q3: Can I wear Nike Tech Fleece throughout the year?

Yes, its ability to trap body heat while remaining breathable makes it ideal for various weather circumstances.

Q4: How should I care for my Nike Tech Fleece apparel?

Follow the care instructions provided by Nike to maintain the quality of your Nike Tech Fleece. In general, wash with cold water and avoid using fabric softeners.

Q5: Is Nike Tech Fleece available in sizes that accommodate various body types?

It is available in various sizes to accommodate persons with varying body forms.


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