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Soft and Lightweight

Marshall Mode II True Wireless Headphones feature soft and lightweight construction designed to allow the listener to wear the headphones for long periods of time without any discomfort. With adjustable width and adjustable length, the headphones provide a secure and snug fit that allows the user to experience the full audio power of their favorite songs. The headphones come with three interchangeable sound modes – JBL Signature, Bass Boost, and Balanced – to offer the listener an array of audio experiences tailored to their own tastes. The headphones have a battery life of up to 20 hours and come with a convenient USB charging cord.

Superior Sound Quality

Marshall Mode II True Wireless Headphones provide superior sound quality with a powerful dual driver set up that delivers a full range of sound. Experience crisp highs, deep bass, and accurate midrange that will bring music to life. The integrated microphone technology provides crystal clear sound quality for voice, video, and web conferencing. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, users can easily pair their device for uninterrupted gaming and streaming.

Impressive Design

The Marshall Mode II True Wireless Headphones feature an impressive design that offers a great look and feel. The black finish is timeless and modern with gold detailing that adds a statement to any style. The headphones come with cushion to provide a soft and comfortable outer shell. The ear cups rotate 90degrees to make the headphone easy to transport and store. An advanced interior design is the secret behind the comfortable feel of the Marshall Mode II headphones.


Marshall Mode II True Wireless Headphones features:
-Bluetooth Connection – Easily pair with any device.
-JBL Signature Sound – Experience crisp highs, deep bass, and authentic midrange.
-Dual Driver Design – Powerful 2 driver setup for optimal sound quality.
-20-Hour Battery Life – Listen to your favorite songs without interruption.
-Rotating Earcups – 90-degree rotation makes the headphones easy to transport and store.
-Adjustable Fit – Secure and snug fit with adjustable width and adjustable length.
-USB Charging Cable – Convenient USB cord for charging the battery.
-Cushioned Design – Soft and comfortable outer shell with cushion.
-Integrated Microphone – Crystal clear audio when used for video conferencing, gaming, and streaming.

Marshall Mode II Headphones Specification

Specification: Marshall Mode II Headphones

Product Dimensions

6.5 x 3.8 x 1.6 inches

Item Weight

7.4 ounces

Item model number



3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

March 18, 2021


Zound Industries


1.0 Count

Number Of Items


Marshall Mode II Headphones Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Marshall Mode II Headphones

3.6 out of 5
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  1. Ryan Brooks


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  2. Tasha Mac

    The earbuds are very nice and the sound quality is great what I don’t care for is sometime one ear bud goes out and you have to reset them to your phone, other than that I have no issues I love the brand and the sound of them.

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  3. Fnu Yustofa

    I like this product

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  4. Alex Caballero

    For me, they are perfect. They are very comfortable and look great. The sound is excellent. And in my case, I have not had disconnection problems at any time. I am not a professional musician, but for me, they are perfect!

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  5. Matthew R.

    I am a huge fan of Marshall headphones. I have had a set of Monitor headphones forever and absolutely love them. I wanted to love the Modes as well, but they have failed the test of time. I have had 3 pairs. The first pair had a faulty left earbud that just buzzed and crackled. I returned them and after 3 weeks with the second pair the right earbud stopped charging, exchanged. The third pair lasted me 4 months. A solid 4 months and I used to them daily. Now the right earbud is suddenly much quieter than the left and the battery life is much shorter.

    If these worked without issue, I’d probably give them 4/5 stars. The sound quality is probably better than average and the low profile is fantastic and comfortable. The noise cancellation is sub par, but they don’t necessarily advertise them to be noise cancelling. The transparency mode, however, is terrible. I can’t hear anything beyond the headphone when transparency is activated and when using them to make calls the person on the other end is constantly saying how loud it is in the background. Even more, I frequently have a hard time getting both earbuds to connects and often have to put them both back in the charging case and essentially reset them to work.

    Again, I love Marshall and would certainly consider buying another pair of their over ear headphones, but these wireless earbuds leave a lot to be desired and I will be moving on without a second thought.

    Edit 9/26/22:
    I do not want to change any of what is outlined above as it still remains true, but feel obligated to add this edit to compliment Marshall’s customer service. I had returned these 3 times due to malfunctiona and with the Amazon return policy was not able to return my last pair. I reached out to Marshall about 9 months after my last exchange and they were extremely responsive, gave me very clear instructions on how to work through a warranty and ultimately offered me a replacement free of charge. I was a bit discouraged after my experience with these headphones (as I mentioned above I had a pair of monitors that are still incredible) but my customer service experience with Marshall has redeemed a lot of my loyalty.

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  6. Josué

    En general es bueno, aunque creo que podría mejorar la calidad del sonido. Diseño genial!

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  7. Fult

    Honestly, I’m a big fan of Marshall’s products – especially that they’ve gotten into the speaker/headphone market. I was really rooting for them when I saw the Mode II pop up on Youtube, ordered a pair in hopes to stand out from the AirPods crowd. Right off the bat, the packaging looked cheap and unflattering. The product itself is amazing, the charging case screams rock and roll and the headphones with the signature ‘M’ are very punk rock. Hearing guitar riffs as they synch up are truly an exciting experience and the integration with my phone was a few button clicks away.

    The sound was crisp, punchy and loud. Usually bass suffers in wireless headphones but this was an exception, I’d say this model is on par with the AirPods gen 2 in the sound category. Really liked the in ear fit – snug and comfortable. This unfortunately is where the issues arose, the headphones infrequently crackled, specifically in the right ear. Trying to connect with my MacBook Air, there were serious latency issues and I couldn’t figure out why there was such a serious delay (may have been user error). Even on my phone there were connection issues regularly and cutting out.

    It’s a shame because I really wanted to like this product, but it felt like this wasn’t a quality product, especially for over $120 dollars. Had these been half the price, it might be a different story and I might have kept them but for full price good luck. Certainly the marketing is great, but it’s not enough to make up for the shoddy quality of these ear buds. I saw there was an app you can download and register but I didn’t bother, I don’t see the point in having to jump through hoops for something that should work right out of the box.

    Marshall needs to competitively price their gear if they’re hoping to capture a piece of the market instead of relying on their guitar amp history and flashing rock marketing if they want to upheave the EarPod army – and I’m hoping they do but until then, I’d avoid them.

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  8. Noelle Corradi

    The sound quality is pretty good, but still below the Apple AirPod Pro. It is impossible to hear anything outside of the headphones, so pretty good sound isolation (if not noise cancelling), but the transparency setting simply does not work.

    The worst, though, is that it’s just clunky to use. My brand new Samsung Galaxy s22, which works fine with other sets of headphones, you generally have to reconnect or sometimes re-pair. It is worse with my computer (though, in fairness, Win 11). Also, it’s app is just junk, very clunky, very few features and it doesn’t even connect well. I still have a Marshall half stack that I’ve had since I was a teenager. This is a really big disappointment.

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