Nespresso Machine vs Dolce Gusto: What’s The Big Difference?

If you like coffee, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the brands Nespresso vs Dolce Gusto, which make single-serve coffee makers. But what distinguishes them? In this post, we’ll compare the Dolce Gusto coffee maker versus Nespresso to help you decide which is best for your coffee preferences and lifestyle.

What is Nespresso?

Nestle makes the popular Nespresso brewing machine. It is known for its excellent global coffee and espresso flavour. Coffee lovers worldwide want the best coffee experience with a Nespresso machine. The device has two main lines beneath its trademark. The Original and Vertuo lines are equally reputable. American consumers get more flavour from Vertuo than Original.

Each Nespresso machine and capsule is created in Switzerland. The machine processes ground coffee bean capsules. A milk frother complements expensive versions. Luxury coffee blends from Peru, Ethiopia, and others are available. These devices cost more than their counterparts.

What is Dolce Gusto?

Famous Nescafe made the Dolce Gusto coffee maker. The product debuted in 2006. Variability is a hallmark of this coffee maker. It is a robust investment for preparing hot chocolates, green teas, and strong coffee. It comes in numerous models.

Melody was the first line released. Automatic switches and a 15-bar pressure lever were added later. Genio and Esperta are other popular models. The most crucial benefit of Dolce Gusto machines is their affordability. Their cost-benefit and versatility make them ideal for daily coffee drinkers.

The Primary Differences Between Nespresso vs Dolce Gusto


  1. The most significant distinction between the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto coffee machines is their adaptability. The Dolce Gusto machine can make over 30 drinks, including green tea, hot chocolate, and coffee. The Nespresso range allows consumers to brew and provides about 20 coffee varieties globally.
  2. Each product’s pricing range is pretty diverse. While Nespresso coffee machines are more expensive, the Dolce Gusto versions are more competitively priced and fall within an accessible scope.
  3. The Esperta and Genio models are notable additions to the Dolce Gusto line. Simultaneously, the firm sells Nespresso machines in two primary lines: the original Nespresso coffee pod line and the Vertuo coffee pod line.
  4. A single lever on the Dolce Gusto machines controls the coffee-making process. As a result, it is easier to use than Nespresso machines.
  5. Nespresso machines are ideal for coffee fans who wish to experience the authentic taste of coffee tastes worldwide. On the other hand, the Dolce Gusto model is more suited to the daily grind.
  6. Unlike the more costly versions in the Nespresso range, the Dolce Gusto machine does not have a milk frother.
  7. The capsules from Dolce Gusto are less costly than the capsules from Nespresso. The amount of capsules in each package varies as well. While Nespresso capsules are packaged in standardized boxes of ten, Dolce Gusto capsules are packaged in boxes of eight, sixteen, or thirty-two.

Comparison Tables Nespresso vs Dolce Gusto



Comparison Tables Nespresso vs Dolce Gusto


Nespresso coffee machine

Dolce Gusto’s Benefits And Disadvantages



  • The most apparent advantage of Dolce Gusto coffee makers is that they are often less expensive than comparable Nespresso machines. In addition, the capsules themselves are less costly.
  • Dolce Gusto pods and machines are meant for consumers who love lengthy coffees and can come in up to seven sizes.
  • You can also acquire a greater variety of hot chocolate capsules and other sorts of pods compatible with Dolce Gusto machines, allowing you to try something new.


  • Dolce Gusto pods, which are more commercial, rarely include specialty or gourmet coffee.
  • Dolce Gusto falls well short of Nespresso when producing incredibly fragrant and tasty espresso coffee. Espresso produced in a Dolce Gusto machine has a substantially weaker mouthfeel than espresso brewed in a Nespresso machine.

Nespresso’s Benefits And Disadvantages



  • The fragrance, flavour, and overall quality of coffee produced by a Nespresso machine are much greater than those generated by a Dolce Gusto machine, mainly when used with high-end gourmet coffee pods like those sold by Hayman.
  • Nespresso coffee capsules are the only recyclable coffee pods on the market. Currently, Dolce Gusto pods cannot be recycled.
  • The Nespresso brand is primarily aimed at coffee enthusiasts and people who like simple, short coffees in their purest form.
  • However, Nespresso machines can produce an infinite variety of lengthy and milky coffees of perfect quality.


  • Nespresso machines and coffee capsules are usually more expensive than Dolce Gusto’s, but the quality is higher.
  • Gourmet Nespresso capsules are often bought online or purchased directly from Nespresso’s physical locations, while Dolce Gusto capsules are more widely available in physical stores and supermarkets.

Deep Comparison Dolce Gusto vs Nespresso



Nespresso: A Single Push Of The Button

A Nespresso machine allows you to create a cup of coffee fast and effortlessly. Insert the capsule into the machine and select either espresso or lungo. You may adjust the water volume according to the coffee specialty when using the device. From then on, you may create a cup of coffee to your preference with a button. Once the coffee is produced, the capsules are placed in a disposable container, eliminating the need to discard them each time.

Nespresso coffee machine: A Single Push Of The Button

Dolce Gusto: Manually Set

Place the capsule in the holder and insert it into the machine to produce a cup of coffee. You may adjust the amount of water the coffee maker uses to prepare your hot beverage using the display. Throw the capsule into the garbage bin after each preparation. Every Dolce Gusto machine features a lever that effortlessly allows you to switch from warm to chilly water. This enables you to produce iced coffee and tea with your coffee machine.

Dolce Gusto machine


Capsules Of Coffee

Capsules Nespresso

You can create espresso, lungo, or ristretto with a Nespresso capsule. Nespresso focuses solely on coffee flavours. As an espresso fan, you may experiment with different coffee flavours. To purchase Nespresso capsules, visit a Nespresso outlet or order them online. Similar off-brand pills may be found at supermarkets. Not all tablets are appropriate, so select an aluminum version.


  • Espresso, lungo, and Ristretto are all available.
  • Specialty hot coffees
  • Available at the Nespresso shop.
  • € 0.37 for one cup of coffee

Nespresso pod

Capsules Dolce Gusto

Dolce Gusto capsules are available in a variety of flavours and formats. They may be used to brew coffee, hot chocolate and iced tea. You may produce a cappuccino, latte macchiato, or chai tea latte with the unique milk capsules at the press of a button. Nescafé capsules are available at supermarkets. Off-brand capsules are also available.


  • Specialties in coffee and milk, hot chocolate, and iced tea
  • Drinks, both hot and cold
  • Available in the supermarket
  • € 0.33 for one cup of coffee

 Dolce Gusto pod

Speciality Milks

Milk Frother Or Milk Reservoir For Nespresso

Using a Nespresso coffee maker, you may create a cappuccino or latte macchiato with fresh milk. Nespresso offers a variety of cappuccino machines. Some models have a milk frother, which automatically froths the milk. With the stroke of a button, a Nespresso with a built-in milk reservoir may prepare a cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Dolce Gusto: A Unique Milk Capsule

Using unique milk capsules, you may prepare a cappuccino using a Dolce Gusto. This milk capsule contains milk powder, which produces milk froth when coupled with hot water. You complete your cup with coffee after filling it with milk foam. However, reuse the coffee capsule for this. You can brew a latte macchiato or a caramel macchiato with any coffee maker this way.


Nespresso: Typical Amount Of Upkeep

The Nespresso machine must be descaled twice a year. An indication on specific devices indicates when they need to be descaled. Have you created a milk specialty? After using the steam wand or milk frother, immediately clean it. If you know you won’t use the Nespresso for two weeks, rinse it gently. This keeps coffee residue from accumulating in the coffee machine.

Dolce Gusto: Minimal Upkeep

The Dolce Gusto must be descaled every 3 to 4 months. This is indicated by an orange flashing light on some computers. The machine rinses many times while descaling. Consequently, you do not need to rinse the Dolce Gusto machine after descaling.

Who Is The Winner?

To call one of the two ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other would be inaccurate. These are two distinct types of coffee makers, each compatible with a different kind of coffee capsule and marketed to a diverse clientele.

Dolce Gusto is an excellent choice if you want simple and inexpensive equipment that produces a wide range of beverages of acceptable quality. However, if you’re going to create exceptional coffee and have access to an entire world of gourmet coffee artisan producers, Nespresso capsules are your only alternative.


Nespresso vs Dolce Gusto are the industry leaders in single-serve coffee machines. While Nespresso focuses on espresso and provides an intense coffee experience, the Dolce Gusto coffee machine offers a broader range of flavours and beverage options. Both brands provide substantial advantages and appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Consider aspects such as taste preference, beverage variety, design, pricing, and availability while deciding between Nespresso vs Dolce Gusto. Finally, it would be best to base your decision on your coffee preferences and the most critical factors.


Are the coffee pods from Nespresso and Dolce Gusto interchangeable?

No, the coffee pods from Nespresso vs Dolce Gusto are not interchangeable. Each company has a unique pod design that can only be utilized with specific equipment.

Is using leftover coffee grounds in my Nespresso or Dolce Gusto machine okay?

Dolce Gusto vs Nespresso machines are only compatible with their respective coffee capsules. Using your coffee grounds may cause the device to malfunction, resulting in a bad brewing experience.

Are Dolce Gusto and Nespresso machines environmentally friendly?

Dolce Gusto vs Nespresso machines both consume very little electricity. They include automated shut-off functions that help to save energy when they are not in use.

Can Nespresso versus Dolce Gusto coffee pods be recycled?

Yes, both Dolce Gusto vs Nespresso feature coffee pod recycling programmes. Dolce Gusto has a mail-back recycling programme, while Nespresso has designated recycling locations. Their numerous websites have further information on recycling choices in your area.

Can I use Dolce Gusto machines to froth milk?

Dolce Gusto machines include an inbuilt milk frother, allowing you to froth milk and make exquisite lattes and cappuccinos. Examine the specifications of the model you’re considering purchasing.



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